Here at Mad Campers we realise how lucky we are to have access to the best “great outdoors” in the world - so we’re making sure we do our bit to protect it!


New Zealand is home to an abundance of pristine beaches, rivers, lakes, native bush and some incredibly special wildlife – and here at Mad Campers we are proud to call this beautiful country home!

The main reason travelers choose New Zealand as their destination is to experience our incredible environment... and have the trip of a lifetime! As locals it’s amazing to see New Zealand growing as a sought after travel destination, but with the number of visitors increasing each year the impact is tangible.

The good news is there’s power in numbers! If we can make a collective effort to minimize the impact on our amazing country, and engage in environmental activities like those below, we’ll have a clean and green New Zealand for generations to come.


So, what are we doing to help?

We are working hard to be tidy Kiwi’s and consistently improve our operations and campers to be more eco-friendly and efficient. Through recycling efforts, improving our facilities and getting involved in ecological restoration (planting trees) we’re starting on our journey towards being a truly sustainable company - and we’re REALLY excited about it!


Native trees donated by our travellers!

Here's how YOU can help.

Trees That Count

Mad Campers is extremely proud to support conservation efforts to plant more native trees through the Trees That Count initiative. These guys are doing an incredible job and have planted nearly 14 million Native trees since 2016!

If you would like to leave your legacy in NZ please donate a $10 tree by selecting this option on the extras page when booking your Mad Camper.  We’ll collate them and arrange for them to be planted on your behalf.  Or if you happen to be in NZ on an organised planting day you can head out and help plant them yourself!

Go on Mad Campers – do your bit to keep New Zealand green!