How do I pay?

  • We require a 20% deposit via a secure credit card payment to confirm your booking. We then require the balance 35 days out from the start of your trip.

  • We accept Visa and Mastercard but please note there is a 2.7% surcharge for all card transactions.

  • Any extra insurance or items may be paid for online at the time of booking or at our headquarters when you collect the van.

Please note you will need to have sufficient funds to freeze the bond amount when you collect the campervan - dependent on the insurance option you select.  The Funds will be frozen for the entire duration of your trip and will be released on return of the campervan.


To make sure you're covered while you are on holiday we've got three insurance options available. Please click here to find out more.

What driver’s licenses do you accept?

We require all of our driving customers to:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.

  • Have a full and current drivers licence. Suspended or sanctioned licences are not accepted for any reason.

Licences from English speaking countries are accepted without any supporting documentation.  These countries include: New Zealand, Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Ireland and relevant parts of Canada.

If you are from a Non English speaking country you will require the following to legally drive in New Zealand:

  1. Your drivers licence

  2. Either an International licence OR a certified English translation of your home licence. Transnational is recommended for certified translations in New Zealand - you can arrange this on the following link:

Please ensure you complete this prior to your arrival in New Zealand as you will not be able to collect your van until we have your correct licence details.  Please also ensure that you have spent some time understanding the local driving conditions and road rules, it can be tricky driving in a new environment and we want everyone to have an amazing driving experience in their Mad Camper! 

If you would like more information on driving safely in New Zealand please click here for Drive Safe NZ's website.

Ferry Crossings

We offer a discount on all ferry crossings with Bluebridge and can organise these for you. 

Contact us to enquire and book your ferry.

 Stay Connected while you’re on the road with Campable WiFi Connect

Small, robust and reliable - Campable WiFi Connect is the perfect way to stay connected while off on your adventure! ‘Cause if you didn’t Instagram it, did it even happen?

Why choose Campable WiFi Connect?

  • You can stay connected no matter where you are in New Zealand, even in the most

    remote places (within Spark’s 3G and 4G Networks).

  • Campable WiFi offers you a boosted internet service where mobile network is weak.

  • The small device is portable and easy to use, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

  • You can add up to 15 devices to the hotspot at the same time.

How much will it cost?

$8 (NZ) per day for 250MB, which resets each day you are on your journey.

If you run out of data, you can always buy more through the Campable app. Additional data packs last for 30 days.

  • 500MB for $10

  • 1GB for $19

  • 3GB for $49

How can I book?

Campable Wifi Connect is available as an additional extra for all our campers. Just add Campable Wifi when you’re going through the booking process, or get in touch with our friendly team.

To see the rest of our handy extra’s, check out our MAD2 and MAD1!

What is Freedom Camping?

Freedom camping or free camping is the practice of putting up tents or parking up campervans in areas not designated for camping. Free camping typically means that freedom campers cannot access facilities such as clean drinking water, toilets (either flushing or long drop) and waste disposal facilities.

Travelling in a Fully Certified Self Contained Mad Camper allows you the freedom to travel as you please.  Our Campers are fitted out with 25L of fresh water and grey water capacity and a chemical toilet so you can get off the beaten track.

For more information on responsible freedom camping please click this link.

More information can be found here.

Arrival Info

Mad Campers opening hours are below.  Any after hours collection or drop off request will incur charges and must be made and accepted in writing prior to being confirmed.  If your flight arrives late at night or early in the morning (between the hours of 5pm - 8am) we recommend you spend your first night in a hostel or hotel prior to collecting your camper.  We are unable to process vans during these hours (5pm - 8am) except by request and confirmation.  And besides - after a long flight you will probably be craving a shower!

Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 4:30pm (outside these hours may incur charges)

Saturday to Sunday: 9:00am to 4:30pm (outside these hours may incur charges)

Please note the latest collection (pick-up) time from the depot is 4:00pm, so please consider your start date with this in mind and allow plenty of time to be at our office by this time.

Public Holidays Closed: New Year's Day, Christmas Day  and Good Friday.

Public Holiday Surcharges: A NZ$100 surcharge will apply to all rentals picking up and/or dropping off on the following National Public Holidays: Labour Day (28th October 2019), Boxing Day (26th December 2019), Day after New Year’s Day (2nd January 2020), Waitangi Day (6th February 2020), Easter Monday (13th April 2020), ANZAC Day (25th April 2020), Queens Birthday (1st June 2019).

Lets make sure you're ready before you arrive!

  • If you would like an airport collection please confirm your flight arrival details and ensure that you have advised us of these in writing and received confirmation. Please also note we charge by calendar day so if you are arriving in the evening you may wish to book a hostel or backpackers and collect your van early the next morning.

  • Please ensure you have confirmed your licence is valid (per above) and are ready to collect your van.

  • Please ensure your credit card has enough funds available to pay for any insurances or bonds.

  • Please make sure you have taken some time to learn about driving in New Zealand - you will find some valuable information here.

How should I pack?

You will be most comfortable in our campers if you pack your belongings in a soft (duffel style) bag.  There is plenty of storage in the campers for soft or small luggage and we’ve now included FREE roofboxes with every camper if you’d prefer to bring a large suitcase. 

We are more than happy to store large suitcases for you if you are travelling from Auckland to Auckland or Christchurch to Christchurch.


If you have any questions please email us and we'll get straight back to you. 

Travelling in Winter

Winter is an epic time to explore New Zealand for a ton of reasons (fewer people on the roads and more affordable prices are just the beginning!), but there’s a few things to think about before hitting the road:

  • Driving conditions: the weather can be more extreme in winter, with higher chances of snow, fog, black ice, heavy rain and high winds. Please read up on driver safety, always drive to the conditions, and slow down depending on weather. We have snow chains available to rent if you’ll be heading near the mountains.

  • Temperature: the further south you go the colder it will be – don’t worry, the views make up for it! Make sure you pack your winter woolies and bring layers! If you struggle with the cold, we recommend bringing an extra sleeping bag.

  • Weather changes: the weather can change abruptly in winter and affect activities, roads and campsites. Please stay updated on weather conditions and check in advance before heading to any remote locations.

What's included with our vans?

Check out our MAD2 and MAD1 for a detailed look at everything our vans have to offer, and a list of the extras you might want to add to make your trip super sweet.

Mad Campers_020.jpg

The extras that make the difference

We’ve selected only the best vans for our fleet and our in house mechanics team has given them the stamp of approval. Our fleet is entirely AA Safety Certified Nissan Vannettes (or similar) because we know they are built to go the distance in New Zealands rugged back country.

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We are incredibly proud of our fit outs which boast:

A fully functional kitchenette with fridge, sink, gas cooker, pots & pans and utensils

Extendable hose tap so you can wash your dishes after dinner, and your feet after the beach.

Huge double bed (1900mm x 1400mm)

Innovative use of space allowing access from the side and rear of the van!

An auxiliary battery so you can listen to music / run the fridge / charge your laptop all night long

LED lighting so you can see what you are cooking, or lay in bed reading

USB powerpoints so you can plug in your music, and charge your phone / laptop

Curtains so you choose when to let the light in

Super security! All our vans come with an alarm / immobiliser and a lockbox for your passport